Simple Unbiased Feedback

Customer driven feedback for all businesses looking to improve customer engagement and satisfaction.
YourSay - Simple Unbiased Feedback
Targeted real-time feedback, focused on encouraging a better customer relationships.

Why YourSay?

Introducing the Client Satisfaction (CSAT) tool that automatically flows feedback and comments straight into ConnectWise Manage, meaning you can view real-time feedback directly on the correlating ticket.
Seamless Integration

Integrating with Manage means there’s no separate software. YourSay uses the Manage Survey system making the integration seamless.

Feedback Management

Get on top of your feedback with Manage’s workflows. You can also use standard Manage or BrightGauge reporting, with all your feedback saved to the ticket it correlates with forever!

True Power

You can use your existing BrightGauge account without buying another data source – the Manage datasource pulls existing survey data for reporting.

YourSay Integrations

YourSay integrates with both majour collaboration tools plus more!

How it works


Sign Up & Customise

During sign up you select from a suite of smileys and envelope colours. This customisation allows you to choose a look and feel to reinforce your branding.

Implement Feedback Snippet

You’ll get a HTML snippet which includes the faces to add to your ‘ticket complete’ emails. We can assist with strategic wording to prompt your user feedback.

Get your feedback!

When a client selects a face to provide feedback, their feedback is recorded instantly in Manage, and they’re sent to a website, which allows them to leave further feedback if they wish - this this is under your own domain to set you apart!
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YourSay - Simple Unbiased Feedback


We know seamless integration is important - plug and play is the dream.

Companies have so much on their plates, they simply don’t need another tool to spend hours configuring, only to pay extra or spend even more time integrating it with the rest of their systems.

We also know that companies rely on client satisfaction – you know what they say: Happy Client, Happy Life.

That’s where YourSay comes in…

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How is YourSay unique?

YourSay uses the native ConnectWise Survey system, meaning you’re using the same system for tickets as you are for CSAT.

How is YourSay different to the other dozen CSAT systems?

It integrates directly with ConnectWise. Tools like SmileBack are separate software and all of your CSAT data sits in that other system – there is no acting on the feedback in your ConnectWise system.

Where is my data stored?

You also own the data in your ConnectWise, it isn’t lost in another system. We gather the response and instantly push the notification in to your ConnectWise system.

What else can I do with YourSay that I can't do with other CSAT systems?

With YourSay you can build out of the box ConnectWise workflow rules to decide what you want to do (i.e. alert an account manager, the client etc). You can also use the standard ConnectWise reporting – and best of all the feedback (face/points selected and text) is saved into the ticket it was left for!

How much is it?

The price is $75/month (USD) – no hidden costs! You can use BrightGauge without buying a secondary data source (usually $79), as you use the ConnectWise data source.

Are there multiple plans?

No! Just one single fee and no limitations on agents or survey feedback numbers.  With Project and Company CSAT on it’s way you’ll still only pay one fee.


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